Key Lime Pie

750 ml
This one was espically interesting becasue I am a fan of Key Lime Pie. I took my first sip and was amazed that it just wasnt a strong nasty lime flavor -- it actually was the mild and sweet taste of a key lime. then i immediately thought how as with many of the others, the name is misleading: this tastes like key lime, but wheres the 'pie'? then it hit me -- a creamy taste, like a pie or pie crust! i coudlnt believe it!

with all the others, i was drinking the mad dog knowing that i was going to dump it soon and crack a beer. but tonite i have no beer on hand and wish i did, so i drank a decent amount (about half, which is actually impressive!). this is the most ive drank so far, and id say at this point is the best.

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