Wild Irish Rose 'Wild Green Apple'

I finally copped a small bottle of this at a ghetto grocery store in Mobile for 99 cents after telling satan165 numerous times I would review it. Due to heavy restrictions on beer and liquor, bum wine is all over Alabama. Sadly the cap is at 13.9%, yet there is no size restriction for wine so we get huge jugs of Wild I at tons of stores.

I just cracked the cap on this thing, and the smell is quite strong. It tastes much smoother than I thought it would. One thing that I love about Wild I is their ability to hide the alcohol aftertaste. Sipping on this makes me think Wild Irish is trying to move into Cisco's territory of "wines that don't resemble wines in any shape or form." If that is the case, they seem to be doing a great job. I'd sip on this stuff every now and again.

The color is the most off putting part. The picture doesn't quite do justice to the hue of this shit. At least you can see through it, unlike many MD 20/20 flavors.

About halfway through the bottle I can feel a good buzz. This is because I'm a lightweight that hasn't had anything since 3 pm today except a few PBRs. But it's a good, light, warm buzz. The kind you only get from wine. It was funny buying this thing. The clerk at the store gave me this crazy look and laughed. Oddly enough, she didn't ID me but noted how crazy the color was in this crap. I think she was amazed that anyone would buy this, let alone some white kid coming home from work.

I had a good conversation with the security guard about Alabama's retarded liquor laws. He claimed that Texas had ones just as bad (as far as expense goes.)

I finished the last of the swill and I have a nice buzz, for only a buck! I would recommend this stuff to any ghetto wine enthusiast. I'll be sure to cop some bottles of Tangerine Dream and Key Lime pie MD 20/20s that I saw at an old gas station in Mobile, if they still have them, for more reviews. Peace to all the 40oz Crew, and props to satan165 for maintaining ghettowine.com

--pic/review: 40ozNOLA

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