Banana Red

375 ml
This had a much stronger banana taste then I would have thought, which was a redeeming quality amongst a bottle of swill. When you look at the red color your tounge is ready to just taste some kind of cherry flavor or something, but the banana was defeinately in there. Wasn't too bad. Every night I find myself pouring out less and less....I can't wait until this journey starts to wind down a little much fucking mad dog.....

review: satan165

After fumbling with a bunk screw cap for 5 minutes I finally got at this stuff. Smells heavily of banana's. I opted to drink this one on the rocks.

This stuff tastes like that Dole pineapple-banana-orange fruit juice with cheap vodka in it. As i drank it I wondered what the hell "red" meant. I think maybe there was a hint of fruit punch in it but it mostly tasted like bananas.

This stuff would be OK in moderation but after awhile the banana taste started to get to me...something about alcohol and bananas...ughhh.

I drank the whole bottle in an hour or so and didn't get that much of a buzz. You can definitely tell the different between 13%'ers and 18%'ers. I'd give this a 1.5/5 for buzz and a 2/5 for flavor.

review: ghetto wino

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