Blue Raspberry

750 ml
I found this in the 750 in Indiana and was very excited. I soon after found it in the tiny 187ml bottle. Both of them have a 'bling bling' medallion on them which is odd and which no other flavors have. the 187 has this written on the back:

"Rasberries like you've never had before
Phat taste straight up
So blingin' over ice"

I just drank the 187 over ice (it was 'so blingin') and now im half way thru a private stock 40. it was pretty smooth, i was pretty thirsty before hand and i wanted to crack a snapple but drank this instead. it didnt seem as thick as the other MD's. It tasted like the blue raspberry kool aid and wasnt bad. it was actually slightly thirst quenching. not bad overall, one of the better ones.

of course i also found this in chicago right after i got back. doesnt it always work out that way?

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