Kiwi Lemon

750 ml i keep gettin this mixed up with kiwi lime which i do not have. when im in stores i always seen this and get em mixed up. i fear that i have seen kiwi lime and let it go. or maybe kiwi lime doesnt exist? i dont know for sure.

im sick of drinkin these things before i drink a beer or 40 or somthing i want to drink. this one is a green that reminds me of a granny smith apple, or an apple jolly rancher. unfortunately it tastes like nothing. this is an example of why you should drink the cream flavors, these fruit mix flavors just taste muddy, like a sweet something that tastes like nothign in particular. i have 2 more in teh fridge, then that will be 11 flavors, and im tapped out. i havent seen any other new ones in a while. i cant wait to get caught up on thse hoes so i can stop dealin with em.

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